C-18 metal-free column with PTFE walls

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Product description

HPLC column specially designed for separation of metal biding/chelating chemicals or for chemicals containing metals or chemicals cleaving on metal and/or other surfaces (e.g. PEEK). The construction of the column ensures no contact of the mobile phase with metallic parts or PEEK. Inner walls of the column are made of PTFE which is extremely non-adhesive and chemically inert (better chemical resistance than PEEK).  The column is designed to minimize dead volume and it is compatible with high pressure applications as it can stand up to 100 bars. The sorbent inside the column is packed under high pressure yielding optimal separation properties and minimal dead volume. The usage of the column is recommended with PTFE tubing.

teflon column

Physical dimension

Length: 200mm    Width: 15mm

Chemical compatibility

water and water-based buffers over a pH range 2-9, all common organic solvents

Bead dimensions


Recommended flow rate

up to 2ml/min

Operation temperature

up to 40°C

Mean pore size



C18 modified silica

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C-18 metal-free column with PTFE walls


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