LSI C-MYC (Orange)

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The LSI C-MYC FISH kit is intended for the determination of C-MYC gene status in human tissues using fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH).
The C-MYC FISH kit contains a directly labeled fluorescent DNA probe in hybridization buffer. The fluorochrome Orange labeled C-MYC probe covers the chromosome 8q24 region.
The C-MYC gene (human homolog of v-MYC gene isolated from the avian myelocytomatosis virus) encodes a eukaryotic DNA-binding protein that activates expression of many genes. C-MYC is activated in most tumors. In addition, several tumors contain genetic alterations (i.e. translocations, gene amplifications and mutations in C-MYC regulators), which directly affect C-MYC expression and/or activity.

FISH results

A normal cell hybridized with the LSI C-MYC (Orange) shows 2 orange signals of the C-MYC gene. An abnormal cell hybridized with the LSI C-MYC (Orange) shows more than 20 orange signals which indicate the amplification of C-MYC gene.

Figure1. A normal cell with 2 copies of C-MYC gene (A) (HL60S cell line) and an abnormal cell with more than 20 copies of C-MYC gene (B) (cell line NCiN417).



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LSI C-MYC (Orange)



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