All offered probes

According to the wishes of our customers we can be offered products supply in both the amount of 200μl (20 tests) or 100μl (10 tests). Probes can be labeled with fluorochromes Orange or Green. We will give you a price on request.

Solid tumors probes

IM_001 LSI Her-2/neu (Orange)/CEP 17 (Green) CE IVD
IM_002 LSI TOP2A (Orange)
IM_003 LSI EGFR1 (Orange)/CEP 7 (Green) CE IVD
IM_004 LSI 9p21.3 (Orange)
IM_005 LSI 1p36.3 (Orange)  
IM_006 LSI 19q13 (Orange)
IM_007 LSI 10p11.1 (Orange)  
IM_008 LSI MDM2 (Orange)
IM_019 LSI C-MYC (Orange)  
IM_020 LSI N-MYC (Orange)
IM_021 LSI RARA (Orange)  
IM_022 LSI C-MYC (Orange)/CEP8 (Green)
IM_025 LSI 5p15.1 (Orange)  
IM_026 LSI 5q31.2 (Orange)
IM_028 LSI 10q21.2 (Orange)  
IM_029 LSI H-RAS (Orange)
IM_030 LSI Cyclin D1 (Orange)/CEP11 (Green)  
IM_031 LSI TOP2A (Orange)/CEP17 (Green)
IM_032 LSI Her-2/neu (Orange)  
IM_033 LSI EGFR1 (Orange)
IM_035 LSI 3q27.3 (Orange)  
IM_036 LSI ROS1 Break Apart probe (Orange, Green) CE IVD
IM_039 LSI RARA (Orange)/CEP17 (Green)  
IM_041 LSI ALK (Orange)/LSI EML4 (Green)   

Chromosome enumeration probes

IM_009 LSI 13q12.11 (Orange)
IM_010 CEP2 (Green, Orange)  
IM_011 CEP1 (Green, Orange)
IM_012 CEP11 (Green, Orange)  
IM_013 CEP7 (Green, Orange)
IM_014 CEP17 (Green, Orange)  
IM_015 CEP8 (Green, Orange)
IM_016 CEP9 (Green, Orange)  
IM_023 LSI 17p11.2 (Green, Orange)
IM_027 CEP6 (Green, Orange)  

Hematologic tumor probes

IM_017 LSI Cyclin D1 (Orange)