LSI EGFR (Orange)/CEP 7(Green)

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The LSI EGFR FISH kit is intended for the determination of EGFR gene status in human tissues using fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH).
The EGFR FISH kit is CE marked and can be used for in vitro diagnostic tests.
The EGFR FISH kit contains two directly labeled fluorescent DNA probes in hybridization buffer. The fluorochrome Orange labeled EGFR probe covers the chromosome 7p12 region. The fluorochrome Green labeled chromosome enumeration CEP7 probe covers the chromosome 7p11.1-q11.1 region.
The EGFR gene codes for the epidermal growth factor receptor (HER1, erbB-1). EGFR gene plays an important role in the regulation of the cell cycle, cell proliferation, differentiation, and the epidermal tissue cell survival.  Mutations, amplifications or misregulations of EGFR gene have been associated with a number of cancers, e. g. lung cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer and glioblastoma.

FISH results

Normal cell (Fig.1a) shows 2 orange signals (EGFR) and 2 green signals (chromosome 7). An abnormal cell (Fig.2b) shows chromosome 7 polysomy and higher copy number of EGFR gene. In Fig.1c an abnormal cell shows higher copy number of EGFR gene and 2 copies of chromosome 7 (true amplification).

A normal cell in FFPE tissue hybridized with LSI EGFR (Orange)/CEP7 (Green) shows 2 orange signals of EGFR gene and 2 green signals of chromosome 7. An abnormal cell in FFPE tissue hybridized with LSI EGFR (Orange)/CEP7 (Green) shows the polyploidy of chromosome 7 and a higher copy number of EGFR gene (pseudo-amplification). An abnormal cell in FFPE tissue hybridized with the LSI EGFR (Orange)/CEP7 (Green) shows 2 green signals of chromosome 7 and higher copy number of EGFR gene (amplification).
1a 1b 1c

Figure. 1. Assessment of the copy number of EGFR gene and the copy number of chromosome 7 on FFPE tissue (lung cancer patient tissue).    
red EGFR     
green CEP7
a) Two copies of EGFR gene as well as chromosome 7 in cell (physiological finding).
b) Polysomy of chromosome 7 with a higher copy number of EGFR gene (pseudo-amplification).
c) Normal copy number of chromosome 7, higher copy number of EGFR gene (true amplification).



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EGFR (Orange)/CEP7 (Green)



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