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The LSI TOP2A FISH kit is intended for the determination of TOP2A gene status in human tissues using fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH).
The LSI TOP2A FISH kit contains a directly labeled fluorescent DNA probe in hybridization buffer. The fluorochrome Orange labeled TOP2A probe covers the chromosome 17q21 region.
The TOP2A (DNA topoisomerase 2-alpha) gene encodes DNA topoisomerase II-alpha, which is involved in processes such as replication, transcription, chromosome condensation and chromatids separation. TOP2A amplification is frequent in breast cancers and occurs also with Her-2/neu amplification. TOP2A, Her-2/neu genes co-amplification can be a useful predictive marker of responsiveness to anthracycline based chemotherapy regiments.

FISH results

A normall cell shows 2 copies (orange signals) of TOP2A gene (1a). An abnormal cell shows higher copy number (more than 20 orange signals) of TOP2A gene (1b).

A normal cell hybridized with the LSI TOP2A (Orange) shows 2 orange signals of the TOP2A gene. An abnormal cell hybridized with the LSI TOP2A (Orange) shows more than 20 orange signals which indicate the amplification of TOP2A gene.
1a 1b

Figure1. The assessment of TOP2A gene copy number (breast cancer patient FFPE tissue).
1a. 2 copies of TOP2A gene in normal cell.
1b. Higher copy number of TOP2A gene in an abnormal cell.



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LSI TOP2A (Orange)



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